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Welcome to LM.C Media! Since there seem to be more and more communities popping up for LM.C (which they totally deserve more love), a media community was very much needed.
For what I mean by "media," please check the rules.

#o1. Media- Media consists of: magazine scans, video screencaps (both PVs and other video), CD booklet scans, tour pamphlet scans, video downloads (both PV and others. ex. chatshow), graphics of any kind, icons, wallpapers, layouts (both blog and profile).
All media must be from LM.C, other bands can be in the photo, but a member of LM.C must be in the photo as well. Images from past bands are allowed as well (SINNERS, Ishihara Gundan, PIERROT). But please don't overload on PIERROT especially, there are other communities for that.
I also count lyrics in media as well! So feel free to post kanji, romanized, and translated songs here! Please only post your own work, only post others' work if you have their permission.
#o2. WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED- music downloads. LM.C themselves don't want you illegally downloading their music. Now I know not everyone can afford to buy the CD when it comes out (myself included) but I won't condone the downloading of LM.C's work here. Please see a j-rock download comm., I suggest tonarimachi.
#o3. No advertising. All posts of this nature will be deleted. Please, no fake cuts.
#o4. This comm. is FRIENDS LOCKED, so please make sure all entires posted are locked.
#o5. When posting icons or layouts, a small preview image is allowed (3 icons/1 small screencap of layout) is allowed, but the rest of the icons, layout code, etc must be placed under a LJ cut. Don't know how to LJ cut? See this post in lmc_daily here for directions how.
#o6. NO DRAMA. NO FLAMING. Basically, I am not your babysitter. And if you act as such, you'll be banned, so don't complain.
#o7. Small amounts of fangirling/fanboying are okay, but please don't go on and on how you want in maya or Aiji's jumpsuit. (Same goes for the support band as well.) Same also goes for profanity usage.
#o8. No need to worry about tagging - the staff of lmc_media will take care of that.

None yet. Please message 0h_my_juliet to apply.

Coming soon.


OPEN!! Post! <3

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